Have you ever GAVE SOMEONE ALL THAT THEY NEEDED and hoped they would return the same?  

Have you ever HELD BACK ABOUT WHO YOU TRULY ARE because you were afraid it would be too much?  

Have you ever SOUGHT COMFORT IN WORK AND YOUR EDUCATION because those were the only places you knew you were good enough?

This used to be my story, too. I thought that if I could just give, be, do enough then somehow I would be repaid by being validated, finally feeling enough, and rescued from my pain. Being in this place had me 

  • Believing that if I could just be patient and loyal, my romantic partners would take care of my needs and support me in the ways I needed 
  • Feeling anxious and undeserving the true desires of my heart, that I hadn't earned them yet and that blood, sweat, and tears were the only acceptable currency for joy 
  • Thinking that I could just "make do" on my job and that I was ungrateful for wanting a higher, market-rate salary because I am lucky enough as it is 
  • Fearful of being "too much," my whole, complicated, flawed self as a leader because it would scare people away and make me seem incompetent  

Sound familiar?  

I know it is. So since we're sisters and I'm a few steps ahead of you, let me be the one to tell you that impersonating who you think you're supposed to be is a sure fire way to misery, tension, exhaustion, anxiety.  

Fuck ALL of that!  

Yes, I said it. And I mean it as sure as I'm breathing.  

The old way is done and tired and played out. It's time for a new era of Queen Bees, women answering their divine call to leadership, and I've been ordained to guide you through with:

  • This life be over soon. Heaven last always."

  • Girl, you betta bash Mister's head open and think about Heaven later."

God did not put you on this earth to be a martyr or a mule of the world. God gave you the ability to have heaven on earth now. Heaven is waiting for you to step into your calling

You are called to:

  • Be unapologetic in your truths, joys, desires, contradictions, and intersections
  • Use your voice and unique talents to change our world
  • Hold space for the next generation
  • Stand on the shoulders of our ancestors as we live the lives they dreamed
  • Revel in true, authentic sisterhood

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It is my soul's work to facilitate that journey for you.  

It is my soul's calling to empower and restore women so that you can 

  • Heal and liberate yourself
  • Revel in joy and pleasure
  • Restore your place as divine leaders
  • Stand up more fully as leaders
  • Have peace of mind and joy every day of your life
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Experience choice and freedom in your life
  • Know that your life matters and who you are is enough 

We are meant to evolve, love, and move humanity forward. When we serve others with our gifts, we all win.  

Thank you for allowing me to serve you with my gifts. 

“Aleia is my rock star!! Because of her profound wisdom, I have adopted the practice of self-reflection. I am more in tune with my emotions and this causes me to step back and reflect on why I’m feeling a certain way and to examine possible triggers. There is a lot to gain from Aleia’s wisdom. Personal growth will happen!”

Lydia G.

"Aleia coached me through my most difficult moments and when I wanted to quit she encouraged me to keep going. No matter what the issue is, she always brings in a fresh perspective with specific action steps to improve the situation. She is amazing. I couldn’t have found a better life coach."

JaChel R.


Aleia Mims comes to the world living her purpose: to write, to unapologetically be, to love, and to incarnate the Divine Feminine. She shares her journey so that other women, her Queen Bees, may name their own experiences and realize their higher power as divine leaders. Her commitment to self-empowerment is a key feature of her leadership strategizing, coming from her extensive background as an educator, author, speaker, and consultant.

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area and raised during the crack epidemic of the 1990s, Aleia developed a passion for service and grit for overcoming insurmountable odds. She took that determination to New York City where she earned two Ivy League degrees. In 2000 she graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology from Barnard College, the women’s college of Columbia University and in 2009, she earned her Masters in Educational Policy and Social Analysis from Teachers College, also of Columbia University. She has spent the past 18 years as a teacher, instructional coach, consultant and now middle school principal. 

Beyond her daily work coaching the next generation of educational leaders, Aleia has led both educational and personal development workshops, such as "Demystifying DDI through the Literacy Lens," "Upgrading Your Facilitation Skills," "The Essential 4 Questions for Living Your Dream Life," and "Vision Mapping and Planning." Her first novel, Pieces of Her, debuted in the top 100 African Lesbian and Gay Amazon Kindle book, and she has been a staff writer for Elixher, a website and magazine celebrating the black queer experience. 

She currently has a sanctuary for women, Queen Bees: The High Order of Divinely Chosen Women Lighting Shit Up. You can join the community at bit.ly/qbogroup.

She currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her partner, daughter, and two yappy dogs.

For more information about how you can book Aleia Mims for workshops and speaking engagements, contact info@aleiamims.com.

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