3 Essentials You MUST Do for Your 2016 Goals to Work

We are days from the New Year, the season when we turn a new page in our lives literally and figuratively. Read these 3 essentials to make your 2016 goals work.

Your 2016 Goals

Ditch the S-words

The first thing you have to do for your 2016 goals to be prosperous is let go of expectations. We say, “I’m 34 and I’m supposed to be married by now. I’m 25 and I’m supposed to have this degree by now. I’ve been at this job for 7 years, I’m supposed to have this position by now.” We have this script for our lives and think that if we’re not attaining that script, then there’s something wrong with us. When we don’t examine our true motivations for those desires, we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. Then those emotions become a new, negative script of “I can’t and I won’t.” What if you spent that energy that you’ve been investing in “shoulds,” into your real purpose and goals instead? Figure out what those are with the Redesign Your Life Program.

Be extraordinary

You must be willing to go beyond what’s typical to get atypical results. Sleeping in every day, doing the bare minimum, and being late on projects won’t get you the promotion you desire in life. You have to be fearless and confident in your effort, even if you can’t see exactly where the path will lead. If your results aren’t matching your effort, perhaps you’re working on the wrong goals or you haven’t learned the lessons that life is trying to teach you yet. You have to do a pivot and ask, “What is it that I haven’t mastered yet in order for me to get to the level that I want?” Asking that question aloud to the Universe often is enough to get answers right away. People often think that prayer is telling God the path that you want to take. However, you have to learn to ask God questions and then be open to whatever answers you receive. I’ve often prayed, “I don’t understand what’s going on, how can I learn from this? Until I learn, how can I have patience and trust that this path is going to help me realize the lessons and implement the lessons so that I can have success?” It’s not fun repeating lessons over and over again, and that is guaranteed to happen if haven’t learned the lesson or aren’t willing to be extraordinary.

Clean house

There is no way you can attain your goals unless you’re willing to clean house. That means clearing the toxic habits that you have that are preventing you from being successful. You also have to remove the toxic people from your life that don’t want your success as much as they want their own, or people who don’t bring you value. You have to remove the toxic mindset and the toxic script that you’ve been replaying in your head that’s been holding you back. There is no way you can have something new and something beautiful on top of old mess. If you don’t have alignment between your thoughts and actions, your life will show it.

Bottom Line: Being ready is the way to manifest

God has a way of turning hardships into lessons. When you let go of supposed-tos, shoulds, and scripts, you clear the way for abundance. When you are willing to be extra ordinary and learn the lessons, you manifest success. When you clean house, negative people, and problematic mindsets, you can be successful!

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