5 Goal-Setting Tips and Truths

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goal-setting tips, goals for 2016, new year resolutionsI’m on Thanksgiving break from my day job, and you know what happens when we have too much time on our hands- you start reminiscing about the past. For me, those memories come with so many smiles and pure joy. I can honestly say 2015 has been the best year of my life, personally and professionally. I have overcome divorce and reconnected with my partner, I’ve finally gotten a diagnosis for my multiple pregnancy loss, I bought a house, and I overcame anxiety to earn high marks on my job’s end of year evaluation. Each one of those successes were a fruit of intentional practice. Read these 5 goal-setting tips and truths that helped me achieve my successes and scroll down to see the bonus I have for you.

Tip #1 If it’s not written it’s not said

In order for goals to come to fruition, they must be written down for two main reasons. One, the physical act of writing builds muscle memory, embedding that desire into your psyche. Two, it aleiamimsnstrates to the universe that you are serious and the cosmic wheels start turning to bring you more of what you need to realize your goal.

Tip #2 Your goals require a plan and then practice

It’s not enough to desire change and abundance, you have to create a strategy to get there. The best goals are ones that require practice and adjustment. If you could accomplish it in one try or if you give up when you don’t get it “right,” it may not be the best goal for you.

Tip #3 Check your motivation

Bror Saxberg, Chief Learning Officer at Kaplan, says there are four motivation challenges that prevent people from acting in their best interest.

  • Value: People don’t see the risk in not doing what they’ve always done. They don’t like the status quo, but don’t see the harm in abandoning it. Solution- Focus on what you will gain by doing the thing you’re avoiding
  • Self-Efficacy: People don’t act because they feel like they can’t or don’t have the tools. Solution- Don’t play into the whining or failure talk. Create a strategy to get the tools or information.
  • Attribution: People don’t act and they blame everyone else. This is the classic victim mindset. It’s the dog’s, weather’s, family’s, boss’s fault. Solution- Don’t sympathize with the emotion but focus on what can be controlled
  • Emotions: Strong emotions are getting in the way. Solution: Don’t sympathize with the feelings but acknowledge them. Focus on what can be controlled and focus on the positive aspects.Be open to the process

Tip #4 Focusing on the accountability plan last

Don’t be tempted to buy the new planner, download the new app, set a vision board until you’re sure you’ve chosen the right goals and strategy first. You get so consumed on the aesthetics that you run out of energy to focus on your strategy for attaining your goal. That leads to burn out and will guarantee that you are among the 92% that never attain their resolutions.

Tip #5 Be open to the process

You’ve heard me say it time and time again, don’t micromanage the process. It’s so important to have goals and a strategy, but don’t be so narrowly focused that you are blind to other ways that God is providing you that desired intention.

What now?

These goal-setting tips are just the beginning. Be a part of the 8% new year’s resolutions winners by practicing the same process I used to nail my 2015 goals. Click here to download my Redesign Your Life & Activate Your Goals mini-course today, using the 20% off  coupon code blackfriday2015 before it expires. Don’t wait until January 1st to set your goals.


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