5 Lessons for Ambitious Women from Beyoncé’s Superbowl Performance


When Beyoncé drop her eponymously titled collection in December 2013, the world indeed stopped. The 32 track collection of songs and videos– released with no advertising, advance singles, or leaked tunes– changed the music game forever. She had fans from her beloved “Beyhive” arriving to their day jobs with little sleep and running on pure adrenaline of having just experienced a masterpiece. We couldn’t imagine what surpassing that feat could entail.

Then the Queen hit a home run out the park on February 6th with the release of “Formation” and the subsequent Superbowl 50 performance. Quickly, the think pieces about her ingenuity on Saturday became an almost-orchestrated campaign of hatred by Monday morning.

Regardless of which side of the Beyhive you’re on, every ambitious woman can benefit from these jewels

Jewel #1: Authenticity gets you further than imitation.

In both her video and performance of Formation, Beyoncé juxtaposes her love of Givenchy with carrying hot sauce in her purse. She makes no apologies for her penchant for making money and is not silent about her social activism. Her ability to show up fully as herself gained her more attention, fans, money, and ultimately impact than if she had remained the flat character of Bootylicious days.

Too often as professionals and entrepreneurs, we believe we have to suppress aspects of ourselves in order to be successful. When you are authentic, you resonate with a wider audience, gain more respect and create impact. You appear as trustworthy and a brand that can be respected. You change the status quo instead of perpetuating archaic ideas. You model a strong self-esteem and wholeness.

Consider: How do you show up to your audience?

Jewel #2: You need haters.

In previous pieces, I’ve described how toxic people are detrimental to your success. They steal energy and create “noise” that can derail you from walking in your purpose. However, the presence of “haters” can also be affirming and Beyoncé proves it. Let me explain.

The Law of Polarity states that everything has its opposite and exist because its counterpart does. Positivity cannot exist without negativity. Nor light without darkness. When there is an abundance of “haters,” it’s a sign that its opposite has come into power as well. The darkness comes because of the abundance of light. Beyoncé’s power becomes evident when there’s mass energy to silence and discredit her.

Consider: What does your “haters” indicate about the level you’re on?

Jewel #3 Stay focused on YOUR grind.

Beyoncé is often criticized for being a woman of few words. Some joke about her diction and question her IQ level. But while those who have never constructed anything create think pieces criticizing her, Queen Bey is hyper-focused on honing her craft and breaking records. For her fifth consecutive number one album, Beyoncé lived with all the creators for a month and filmed the videos on tour. Once again, she dropped this new song with no advance signs except that my calendar marked she was about due. Why is she able to achieve this level of success? Because she is worried about her own craft over any one else’s.

Consider: How much of your daily activities is dedicated to strengthening your brand and talent?

Jewel #4 In everything you do, SLAY.

This jewel almost speaks for itself. The Superbowl half-time performance was sheer perfection from the costume, the choreography, the symbolism, the timing. One way you know it was perfection was the fact that one of the strongest criticisms is how she almost fell. Her execution was so fierce that the “haters” were focused on hypotheticals! The saying goes you have fast, cheap, and accurate but not all 3 at the same time. You can only have 2 out of the 3– accuracy and timeliness matter the most in my opinion. When we consider how we show up personally and professionally, we have to be intentional in the ways that we nail our success with quality and expediency.

Consider: How much precision do you display in your product or expertise?

Jewel #5 Confidence is everything.

I truly believe that Beyoncé can rock a paper bag and have us all convinced that it’s the next wave in eco-fashion. Her authenticity, power, focus, and precision could not be accomplished without the number one ingredient. Confidence. The full trust and ability in one’s own power. The knowledge that you are connected to Divine source and are meant to walk your walk. When you act on the confidence that is already within you and align your decisions to that confidence, you are unstoppable and the Universe gives you more abundance. The Illuminati is not the source of Beyoncé’s success. Her confidence is.

Consider: How are you honoring your true abilities with practice and alignment?

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