untitled-136On August 15, 2011 I hit my bottom. After more than three years of trying to conceive and thousands of dollars spent, I was miscarrying for the third time. On top of not feeling like a “real” woman, I was dealing with the guilt of a recent foreclosure, a rocky marriage, and exorbitant debt. My degrees and education couldn’t bail me out. My life was in shambles and it quickly spiraled beyond my control in the months to come. I didn’t know then that the reason for all off this mess wasn’t “bad luck” or cosmic punishment. My life was reflecting my inability to walk fully in my power and make choices aligned with success, instead of fear.

Today, I almost don’t recognize that 33 year old woman I was. My relationships are healthy, I’ve crossed the six figure income threshold, and I own the beautiful home of my dreams. I also have the honor of being a principal at an award-winning school. These results didn’t happen simply because I desired them. It didn’t happen by investing more money and time into old strategies. These changes came about because I finally invested in a coach who taught me how to level up, walk in my power, and claim my victory.

Change is possible for you too! My journey allowed me to unlock powerful lessons that has led to sustained success. I’ve curated these lessons into the Show Up For Success System, my signature VIP coaching program.

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