Thursday Night at Sissy’s: Solo Dates

There is something about the experience of eating alone that’s indescribable. The sounds of laughter. The sense of home and nostalgia floating on the melodies of blues in the background. The thick love in the room that holds you as the invisible air blanket lifting an airplane and anchoring it to the sky. The deliciousness […]

Reintroduction, or The Essentialism of Lemonade

To my friends, old and new: Allow me to reintroduce myself* My name is Aleia (pronounced like the singer). It’s Hawaiian/Polynesian for beautiful morning flower. No I’m not Hawaiian. I am a soul that’s called to lead, empower, and hold space with/for women to unleash their inner goddess and to restore our place in the […]

Nostalgia + Respectability Politics

When I was growing up, I had a big, expansive, divine vision for my life. I was going to be a principal, author, restauranteur, architect FIRST. Then I was going to become Secretary of Education while simultaneously leading a black empowerment movement. I was serious y’all. Over the years, I allowed “supposed to,” “should,” and […]

5 Reasons Why You DON’T Need A Life Coach

Ten years ago, most people had never heard of life coaches. Today, everybody and their mother is marketing themselves as a self-help guru. How do you know if you need a life coach? Our parents got through life just fine without them, so is this current trend just playing our FOMO (fear of missing out)? Let’s explore why you […]

3 Steps For Creating A Self-Care Plan

It’s a Life or Death Issue I shared in this post on my Facebook business page about the tragic death of Doug Banks. He was a staple in the urban radio market since the late 70s and his voice traveled with me from California to New York to Chicago. Like too many others, diabetes cut his life […]