5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Healing and How to Stop

    We all mean well. We start of our healing journey (or our diet, church membership, book club, relationship) swearing that this time, we will be dedicated. We get all the necessary supplies and set our alarm clock to begin tomorrow ready. This motivation works for a few days and then bad habits set in. Before […]

My Favorite Self-Care Tips

Self-Care = Need, not Luxury If you follow me on social media you know I’ve been posting lots of content about my personal self-care journey. As a school administrator, mom, partner, and friend, it’s way too easy to put myself last. I find myself rationalizing why I’ll make time for myself once everyone else’s needs are […]

4 Lessons from Dallas Bloggers Brunch

This past weekend, I had the honor of attending the Dallas Bloggers Who Brunch event hosted by the sweet-spirited Adedoyin of www.digital-doyenne.com (see other participants below). The brunch was designed to give participants an opportunity to brainstorm post topics and get tips for maintaining an editorial calendar. However, the truth that was shared extended way beyond […]

Holding On to the Past

*Author’s Note: There are several linked articles to past posts where I process my divorce. If you’re going through a shift, I highly suggest you read those. You can’t get something new doing something old. We’ve heard this adage time and time again. Yet most of us are holding on to the past because we […]