On Grief and Love

When I wrote about leaning into love the other day, there’s a critical piece that I missed. The other part of why we shy away from joy. Yes, there’s the foreign-ness of happiness in a world that’s often weary for a black woman. Yes, there’s the guard we have up […]

3 Essentials You MUST Do for Your 2016 Goals to Work

We are days from the New Year, the season when we turn a new page in our lives literally and figuratively. Read these 3 essentials to make your 2016 goals work. Ditch the S-words The first thing you have to do for your 2016 goals to be prosperous is let […]

My 5 Biggest Goal-Setting Mistakes

One thing you should know right from the start is that life coaches aren’t perfect. We are human and go through trials and tribulations. What makes us uniquely gifted is how we’re able to turn those experiences into strategies to transform our clients’ lives. Personally, I believe that my transparency […]