5 Reasons Why You DON’T Need A Life Coach

Ten years ago, most people had never heard of life coaches. Today, everybody and their mother is marketing themselves as a self-help guru. How do you know if you need a life coach? Our parents got through life just fine without them, so is this current trend just playing our FOMO (fear of […]

The Introverts Guide to Networking

Let’s face it. There are some of us that hate networking. Either we’ve been burned by cattiness, elitism, competitiveness, or negativity. Or we’re in the 33-50% of the world that are introverts, like me! Read on to get my proven strategies for how I network as an introvert. You might be an introvert […]

5 Lessons for Ambitious Women from Beyoncé’s Superbowl Performance

  Embed from Getty Images When Beyoncé drop her eponymously titled collection in December 2013, the world indeed stopped. The 32 track collection of songs and videos– released with no advertising, advance singles, or leaked tunes– changed the music game forever. She had fans from her beloved “Beyhive” arriving to their […]