Protect Your Peace

Protect your peace. I say these words to my daughter this week as she texts me that she’s having a horrible day. I say it to her as a talisman as she gets on the bus each morning heading to school, surrounded by other people’s energy and other people’s issues. […]

Thursday Night at Sissy’s: Solo Dates

There is something about the experience of eating alone that’s indescribable. The sounds of laughter. The sense of home and nostalgia floating on the melodies of blues in the background. The thick love in the room that holds you as the invisible air blanket lifting an airplane and anchoring it […]

3 Steps For Creating A Self-Care Plan

It’s a Life or Death Issue I shared in this post on my Facebook business page about the tragic death of Doug Banks. He was a staple in the urban radio market since the late 70s and his voice traveled with me from California to New York to Chicago. Like too many […]