The Power of the Mastermind Group

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In undergrad, I took a class called Deviant Sociology. “Deviance” is predicated on a norm set by groups, and we learned that the chief function of groups is to replicate itself. Often, groups use tactics like fear and coercion to set boundaries and entice people to maintain their membership to the group and allegiance to group norms. That class came at a when I was skeptical of most organized groups (religion, sororities, politics), and I doubt how such groups could be positive. What I didn’t know then, was that groups could be literal master minds where intellect, energy, and curiosity could join forces to elevate success for all.

I’ve learned, as I enter many communities in the past five years ranging from Trying to Conceive blog circles to Brown Girls who Write, that groups don’t have to be cults of personality or mob mentalities. There are positive ways that groups serve our lives– they amplify our energy and purpose, and contribute to a greater, universal good. Still, there are obstacles that make some of us hesitant to participate in organized assemblages:

  • Face it, some of us have been burned in the past, whether it be “church hurt” or being ostracized from the “cool kids.” And it stings, and we’ve resolved to never experience that pain again.
  • Some of us are introverted, present company included. Let me clarify. Introverted doesn’t always mean shy because Lord knows that I can be quite the social butterfly once I get myself “there.” Instead, introverts feel drained from social interactions and need to recharge solo as opposed to people who get their energy from being with others.
  • Lastly, the tendency to compare yourself to others and finding that you don’t think you’re quite good enough prevent us from joining groups. Just like with the first reason, we don’t want that constant reminder of how we are not “there,” so we shy away from group participation.

All of these obstacles to group membership are all the more reason to find the right place for you. I know it sounds oxymoronic to say that to heal from past experiences with groups is to join a group, but hear me out. Finding the right mastermind group can liberate and uplift you. How do you know it’s the right group? I thought you’d never ask.

Checklist for positive mastermind groups and organizations

  • It challenges you to realize your voice and your good instead of dogmatically telling you what should be your good.
  • It gives you tools, resources and vehicles, not just venting and commiserating.
  • You leave feeling inspired, recharged, and believing in possibility, not drained and judged.
  • There are multiple trajectories for success.
  • Members are in various places in their journeys, not just the ones who’ve “made it” as leaders while everyone else is trying to “catch up.”
  • You see your own values reflected, not only in the stated mission but in the ways people interact and how business is conducted.
  • You are valued for your participation AND contribution.
  • There is value in growth for members in all places of their journey, not an absolute bar of success.

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  1. “Some of us are introverted, present company included. Let me clarify. Introverted doesn’t always mean shy because Lord knows that I can be quite the social butterfly once I get myself ‘there.'” <<I thought I was alone in this. Reading this post verbalizes what I inherently felt about our group. Women from so many different walks of life coming together to encourage and uplift one another? Fabulous 🙂

    • Isn’t it so awesome when that happens?? I LOVE aha moments.

      By the way, I JUST realized this year that I’m an introvert. Which is funny because I tend to be a leader in most groups that I participate in.

  2. I discovered a few years ago that a person can be introverted but not be necessarily quiet and shy. You already know that we share the same need for solo recharging of the batteries but I am thankful that you have presented this thought the the world so that more people can understand this process for those who fall into this category.

    • This is why we’re kindred sisters! I honestly had no idea that I was an introvert until therapy when I noticed that I was resistant to going out, and not just because of depression.

  3. Word! I am not too familiar with the tactics or ogranized groups but i have been burned by them and I compare myelf to others way more than I want to admit. I’m getting better but feelinfs of “not enough” linger and keep me in my shell. I am not sure if I would describe myself as an introvert but I definitely have introvert tendencies 🙂 Thanks for sharing this and I am so glad you are my BLMgirl!

  4. This checklist is BLM all the way. I enjoy this group and it is the prime reason I keep my FB page activated lol! It was great meeting you all. I am truly inspired.

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