Reintroduction, or The Essentialism of Lemonade

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To my friends, old and new: Allow me to reintroduce myself*

My name is Aleia (pronounced like the singer). It’s Hawaiian/Polynesian for beautiful morning flower. No I’m not Hawaiian.

I am a soul that’s called to lead, empower, and hold space with/for women to unleash their inner goddess and to restore our place in the world.

I am an Empress. Not a princess, not a lady. I require no savior nor protection nor permission.

I am expansive. My beliefs surpass religion and cannot be packaged in neat dogma.

I am guided by Spirit, Creator, God, angels, ancestors, orishas.

I am my ancestors wildest dreams. I stand on the shoulders and carry the baton of the women and men that come before me. Harriet, Sojourner, Maxine (my grandma!), Roy (my grandpa).

I surround myself with powerful women and men, even if they don’t know their power..yet.

I love love. I love hard. I’m fiercely loyal.

I’m picky, I’m deliberate, I’m precise. Not everyone gets to roll deep with me.

I’m a virgo.

I’m a member of the Beyhive. Lemonade is sacred text. Fight me.

I love being a black woman. It’s one of the greatest honors and gifts of my life.

I’m a queer woman. A lesbian, and I’ve been out since I was 17. I give voice to all the queer kids of color who are scared shitless. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

I’ve had the privilege of being a public school educator for the past 17 years. Education is a social justice issue, period. And even as that chapter is winding down, it was a set up for my next phase.

I’m woke AF and woo AF, love trap music, depend on yoga and my therapist and my friends to keep me sane.

I’m unapologetic. Sometimes, I do it scared. But I do it.

Welcome to my space.

*please tell me you go that reference.

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