You’re a Queen Bee If…

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“They ask me what I do and who I do it for” 2 Chainz

Some of the most prolific words ever written. Fight me.

Who do I do THIS work for? The space holding, the bullshit repelling, the truth telling, the magic whispering, the spirit channeling, the boss walking, the love pushing, the badass modeling, the spirit healing, the ancestor embodying, the teaching, the listening, the guiding?

I do it for you.


The women that show up each and every day when death and depression tempt you to give in.

The women who wear the corporate suits but know how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

The women who use the big SAT words, quote Fanon, and have those sheepskins on the wall (degrees, y’all) but can use that same breath to quote 2 Chainz, Trina, and Lil Kim (Hard Core, not her post surgery stuff).

The women who proudly call themselves members of the Beyhive because they know it was never about Beyoncé as an entertainer in the first place.

The women who know THIS movement is bigger than political parties, paychecks, and which fellowship you belong to.

The women who see God in their sisters, their mothers, their play cousins no matter whether their hair is permed or natural, they have five baby daddies or are “properly” married, or whether they prefer Red Lobster over Zagat approved dining.

The women who know how to praise the Lord in church but spit on brooms that cross their feet, throw salt over their shoulders, clip their hair on full moons.

The women who know God is bigger than a building, a faith, a name.

The women who look in a child’s eyes and those of broken men and can see their whole souls.

The women who know the real magic and conjuring that hugs and that good-good can bring.

The women who know that girls indeed run the world (or will be restored to this place soon enough.)

The women who carry the baton from our ancestors.

The women who know tears are ablution.

The women who crave bigger.

The women who love other women.

The women who see beyond.

The women who lead.

The women who are you.



Are you craving a space where you can be the free, unadulterated you, without guilt or shame?

Do you need sisters to hold space for you, laugh with you, learn with you, and heal out loud?

Are you exploring what your soul needs to do to love, heal, expand, restore, turn up, and be?

Do you identify as

  • A Black woman/ melanated woman of the Diaspora or her ally
  • Spiritually expansive
  • Intersectional
  • Life-affirming
  • Queer and/or a queer ally
  • Light bearer
  • Our ancestors’ wildest dream
  • Ancestor-respecting
  • Pantheon following
  • Sexually expressive
  • Beyhiver


Welcome home to the Queen Bee Order, a sanctuary for melenated women to heal, share, grow, learn, love, laugh, fellowship, restore, turn up, and be so that we can light shit up and change the world.





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